The Enemy of the People

Josef Stalin liked to use the phrase “Enemy of the People” to denote those that he had chosen for execution. Of course what he really meant by that phrase was “anyone who I perceive to be a threat to my power”. His use of the phrase was a death sentence.

Donald Trump uses the term “enemy of the people” to describe the mainstream media in the US. By using such strong language to assault those whose lives are dedicated to the defense of the First Amendment he shows his utter disregard for the fundamental rights of Americans. This has been going on for some time, and virtually none of the leaders of the Republican Party have shown that they are concerned about Trump’s attack on the rights of Americans.

But Trump’s Summit with Vladimir Putin and post-summit news conference show that  Trump isn’t just out to destroy our rights. His defense of Putin and opposition to the unanimous certainty of the intelligence community is nothing short of a betrayal of the US to our strongest and most sinister enemy.  By his actions he has shown that he intends to weaken America as a great power and help Russia. If he is allow to proceed further down this path he will do untold damage to this country.

If you wanted to destroy America, how would you do it? Our military is way too strong to be defeated on any battlefield, our economy is too diverse and global in its reach. The only way is to destroy us from within. To do so you would have to manipulate elections, work to reduce our belief in a free press, reduce our faith in the judicial system, the FBI, the CIA, etc. And you would weaken our alliances in such a way that no other country would see us as a dependable and reasonable ally.  If you look at Trump’s actions from this point of view, they all make perfect sense.

Make no mistake – Donald Trump is an enemy of the American people and a traitor to the US. And the Republicans who say virtually nothing, and more importantly do nothing are cowards of the highest order.

Robert Mueller will eventually expose much, if not all of this, but by then it may be too late. There is only one chance to save our country. We must vote for Democrats. America can only be protected with both houses in opposition to Trump. The number of democratic voters must be so large so as to overwhelm the ongoing Russian attempt to sabotage our election.

Either we defeat Trump, or the country we love will be no more.

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