GOP Wins in 2022 Guarantee Trump Steals 2024

If enough MAGA candidates win in 2022, Donald Trump will be a pre-determined, guaranteed winner in 2024.

There is no question that the GOP is the party of Trump. Trump’s handpicked MAGA candidates have a near-perfect record of victories in the 2022 GOP primaries, even in cases where the candidates are horribly flawed and GOP voters had more mainstream choices. The core of the GOP believes absolutely in Trump and the candidates selected by the party prove that to be the case.

The Trump-approved candidates all share a commitment to the big lie that the 2020 election was stolen. They also all agree that, if elected, they won’t allow it to happen again. How will they keep that promise? Simple: No matter how the voters of their state vote in the 2024 election, they will override the will of the people and certify Donald Trump the winner.

Trump MAGA candidates who believe in Donald Trump more than they believe in democracy are running for offices of Governor, Attorney General, and Secretary of State in key battleground states:

  • Massachusetts
  • Maryland
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Florida
  • Texas
  • Michigan
  • Wisconsin
  • New Mexico
  • Nevada
  • Arizona

Every state in which the MAGA candidates win in 2022 is a pre-determined, guaranteed win for Donald Trump in 2024. The battleground states on this list control the election. If enough battleground states vote for MAGA candidates in 2022, the votes cast in the 2024 election will become meaningless. No matter how the voters vote, the MAGA officials will use their powers to certify their states for Donald Trump.

All voters must understand: a vote for a GOP MAGA candidate in 2022 is a vote to end democracy. If the MAGA candidates control a state, the voters will have ceded power to Trump’s willing lackeys. What happens in the next 60 days determines the future of America. Forever. Because if Donald Trump regains power, he will never give it up.

Will This be the Last Free Election?

If the GOP gains control of enough state governments, we will never have free elections again.

As the primaries come to a conclusion and the candidates for the 2022 elections are selected, the strategy of the Republican Party has become clear. Despite the fact that every court, every recount, and every honest accounting has shown that the 2020 elections were completely fair, the GOP has, in almost all cases, nominated slates of 2020 election deniers across the board. This incudes an overwhelming number of candidates for Governor, Attorney General, or Secretary of State:

  • Geoff Diehl for Governor in Massachusetts (likely)
  • Rayla Campbell for Secretary of State in Massachusetts
  • Lee Zeldin for Governor in New York
  • Doug Mastriano for Governor in Pennsylvania
  • Dan Cox for Governor in Maryland
  • Michael Peroutka for Secretary of State in Maryland
  • Alan Wilson for Secretary of State in South Carolina (Incumbent)
  • Wes Allen for Secretary of State in Alabama
  • Bill Lee for Governor in Tennessee (Incumbent)
  • Greg Abbot for Governor in Texas (Incumbent)
  • Ken Paxton for Attorney General in Texas (Incumbent)
  • Ron DeSantis for Governor in Florida (Incumbent)
  • Ashley Moody for Secretary of State in Florida (Incumbent)
  • Tudor Dixon for Governor in Michigan
  • Matthew DePerno for Attorney General in Michigan
  • Kristina Karamo for Secretary of State in Michigan
  • Diego Morales for Secretary of State in Indiana
  • Tim Michels for Governor in Wisconsin
  • Eric Toney for Attorney General in Wisconsin
  • Amy Loudenbeck for Secretary of State in Wisconsin
  • Kim Crockett for Secretary of State in Minnesota
  • Audrey Trujillio for Secretary of State in New Mexico
  • Jim Marchant for Secretary of State in Nevada
  • Mark Finchem for Secretary of State in Arizona
  • Kari Lake for Governor in Arizona

This list is far from comprehensive, and of course it does not include the massive numbers of GOP legislative candidates who deny that the 2020 election was fair – even in many cases when they were themselves elected to office!

These election deniers have all stated that the 2020 election was stolen and that, if elected to office, they will not let it happen again. But given that the 2020 election WAS fair, what they really mean is that, if elected, they will not certify any election unless their candidate wins. So, if they are in power their preferred candidates will be declared the winners in future elections despite the true will of the people.

In other words, if they are are given power, there will no longer be fair elections ever again in those states. The staggering number of GOP candidates who potentially could be given this power will collectively control enough states to dominate all future national elections. This year is our one and only chance to stop the Republicans from stealing democracy. The 2022 vote will determine if the United States remains a democracy or becomes an authoritarian theocracy.

Our entire future depends on the 2022 election. If the GOP gains control of enough state governments, we will never have free elections again. We must do EVERYTHING we can to elect Democrats.