The Coming Coup

The Coup is coming. If it succeeds, It will destroy everything we love in America. Forever.

The Coup is coming. If it succeeds, It will destroy everything we love in America. Forever.

Its no secret that Donald Trump intends to be President for Life, e.g Dictator. But he lost the election – of that there is no doubt. And he’s exhausted all of his lame attempts to have multiple courts or Republican-led State Legislatures overturn the results. The Electoral College has cast its votes – confirming Joe Biden’s win. But Trump still has a plan. It involves three players: The US Legislative branch (House and Senate), The Homeland Security apparatus, and the Proud Boy/Fascist shock troops.

We all know that both the House and Senate meet on January 6 in joint session to officially count the votes as submitted by the states. Trump is expecting his allies in the House and Senate to challenge the votes of individual states, and so they will – even though there is no basis for their challenges. This will cause great disruption, as each challenge can be considered for “not more than two hours”, then voted on separately by the House and Senate. Assuming that challenges are raised for at least five states, the process will take ten plus hours – maybe double that. But even Trump knows that this process will fail as both chambers need to agree to change the votes and the Democrats who control the House will never vote for him.

But what happens inside the Capitol is just a sideshow. The main event will be outside. On December 21st, a mob of over 300 armed Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer fascists stormed the Oregon Statehouse in Salem, and entered the building. Oregon State troopers defended the building, and using teargas, were able to remove and disperse the crowd without bloodshed. This was a practice run for the real thing. Donald Trump has tweeted his supporters to descend on Washington DC on January 6 telling them to “Be there, will be wild!” He intends that tens of thousand of his armed supporters storm the Capitol in an attempt to stop the democratic process. But he doesn’t expect them to actually succeed. He just expects them to die in sufficient numbers.

Here’s where Homeland Security comes into play. In anticipation of potential trouble, the Capitol will be well defended by officers from multiple Federal agencies. This will result in a huge battle on national TV. It will make the 1968 Chicago convention riots look like a Boy Scout meeting. Many will die – primarily the Pro-Trump protesters, but some of the defenders will undoubtedly perish also.

The chaos will be unparalleled in US history. The voting process within the chambers may be disrupted or halted. But even if it isn’t the public will be appalled by the spectacle and driven to panic with the help of Fox News. The next few days will see the chaos spread across the country as the Proud Boys finally know that they don’t have to “stand down” any more. Then, when Trump declares Martial Law and suspends the election, Fox News and all the other Pro-Trump media will applaud his decisiveness. Few will connect the dots that show how Trump has orchestrated the whole thing.

If his plan works, Trump consolidates his power, and quickly takes complete control of the security apparatus, then brings the military along. America will never have another free election again.

American Freedom is in grave danger. Trump is a traitor to the Constitution, and the members of the GOP who grovel at his feet are not worthy of of the awesome responsibilities of their offices. Those Americans who love this country MUST stand up to the Dictator and his minions.

Trump belongs in Prison. All those who will choose support his attempted Coup must be stripped of their offices and permanently barred from ever holding political power again.

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